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Tarot Card Reading

I want to preface this description with my story of Tarot… I was always a Tarot sceptic. How can cards drawn at random be accurate at all?! But then, I had my cards read, and OH MY GOSH! This sh*t is real.

Tarot works by pulling all of your energy into the room, and working with the surrounding vibrations. It is all based in the present, highlighting themes that are happening now.

I love Tarot because it seems to lay out all of your most intuitive feelings, so you can no longer push them aside. Additionally, Tarot rarely moves into the future, so you are only focused on what is happening now and how to navigate that.

Tarot is my favorite way to find clarity and peace in my day-to-day, as well as when I am faced with big decisions. It uses the Universal energy, combined with your own, to show you the truth and, therefore, the light.

Let’s chat about scheduling your next personal reading OR to bring Tarot to your next party or event!