Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why "Four Noble"?

A: Four Noble is based off the idea of the Four Noble Truths.

These ‘Truths” seem a bit depressing, but bare with me…

  1. All existence is suffering

  2. The cause of suffering is craving

  3. The end of suffering comes with the cessation of craving

  4. There is a path that leads away from suffering

Ultimately, I feel that the Four Noble Truths relate directly to health.

Being unhealthy is a form of suffering. Many times, we suffer in terms of health because we crave specific things that are not good for us -- salty snacks, sweet treats, a relaxing night on the couch instead of going to the gym, a toxic relationship, an inability to let go of the past, etc. We crave and hold on to things that are detrimental to our health, we give into these cravings, and therefore, we are unhealthy and we suffer.

But, as Truth number 3 states, we have the power to literally end our suffering. How? We can rid ourselves of our ‘unhealthiness’ by overcoming our cravings for things that do not benefit us, either physically or mentally.

In recognizing this, we can embark on the transformative path that will lead us to a life that is not only free of suffering, but is actually bounding with health and happiness!

Also, a little fun fact: the name “Four Noble” really appealed to me because we share the same first letters… My name is Frances Naude. Get it? “F. N.” :)


Q: Why the dandelion?

A: The dandelion flower can not only exist, but it can thrive in difficult conditions. It is an extremely resilient flower that represents many things I find to be important in the transformation process:

  • The ability to rise above life’s challenges, and come out victorious on the other side

  • Healing from emotional and physical pain

  • Intelligence, especially emotional and spiritual

  • The power of the sun, namely the ability to rise up and stay “sunny” when depression or grief set in.

  • Long lasting happiness and youthful joy

  • Having your wish fulfilled


Q: Where did you get your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification, Frances?

A: I received my certification through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

IIN is the most unique health coaching program in the field. Graduates demonstrate the ability to understand and utilize a wide range of dietary and nutrition theories, as well as develop business and coaching skills to practice one-on-one with clients, in groups, and alongside physicians. They have been trained to educate and guide clients to make long-lasting, sustainable behavioral and lifestyle changes resulting in improved nutrition, dietary habits, physical ability and overall greater health and wellness. IIN graduates are dedicated to their health and the health of their clients, families, and communities and reversing the global healthcare crisis.


Q: Where did you complete your yoga teacher training?

A: I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (RYT) at True Flow Yoga with Brynn Rybacek.

Q: Where did you receive your Reiki II certification?

A: I received my Reiki I and II certification from Reiki Master Jessica Stone Viscusi.


Q: Where do we practice?

A: I come to you! If you have space and a moment of peace in your home, we can practice there. If you prefer to practice outside the home, we will meet in a quiet park that is convenient for you.


Q: Was your training Yoga Alliance Certified?

A: Yes! True Flow Yoga Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance certified, therefore making me a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certified at the 200-hour level.


Q: Do I have to have taken yoga to practice with you?

A: Nope :) I am honored to be able to offer you your first yoga class. We can work together, at your own pace, to develop your yoga practice.


Q: Do you offer private lessons?

A: Absolutely! Private lessons are sometimes the most beneficial ways to deepen both your physical and spiritual yoga practice.


Q: Can I take your yoga classes with my friends and/or family?

A: I would love that! Let's create a yogi community right where we are!


Q: Do you teach  yoga at corporate events or private parties?

A: Ooooh yeah! This is one of my favorite ways to share yoga. I would love to bring the gift of yoga to your next party. Not only is yoga a very unifying practice, but also, it is a fun and unique way to make your party stand out amongst colleagues and friends!


Reiki Energy Healing

Q: Where do you give the Reiki Healing?

A: I come to you! If you have space and a moment of peace in your home, we can heal there. If you prefer to practice outside the home, we will find a space that works for both of us.

Q: Is Reiki scary? Can it ever be bad?

A: Reiki can NEVER be bad. Some people get nervous because they don’t know what to expect, and sometimes, it can be emotional. However, Reiki is clean, fresh energy from the Universe and your guides. We use it to clear out blockages and refresh your whole being. It is normal to feel nervous because of the unknown, but don’t feel scared! And if you do, we can talk it out. Don’t worry, I got you, and so does the Universe :)

Q: How long is a Reiki Healing session?

A: Usually, Reiki healings are about 45 minutes, but we can make them shorter or longer, depending on your schedule and what you are looking for. Price will adjust based on session time.

Q: Do you touch me during our session?

A: Typically, I do not touch my clients during a Reiki session. Sometimes I will be called to do so; however, if you are uncomfortable with touch, I will 100% refrain from doing so.

Q: How do you use Reiki to cleanse a home?

A: I come to your home, and walk around. I will clear out stale, negative, or useless energy and put in the Reiki energy. This energy can be intended for many different things: clearing out aggressive energy, clearing out the energy of old inhabitant(s) of the home, helping make better food choices in the kitchen, creating a peaceful place for a child’s room or couple’s room, or anything else you can think of! I also love to use crystals and crystal gridding to help amplify the Reiki energy. Please ask about this if you’re interested.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

Q: Who do you coach?


  • Anyone looking to improve their energy levels, their eating habits, their physical strength, or their overall health and happiness levels.

  • Kids/Teens

  • College students

  • Parents who want to create healthy and energized families

  • Busy professionals who have limited time to cook healthy meals or perform long workouts


Q: How does this whole thing work anyways?

A: Together, you and I will work closely to uncover some of the main reasons you want to transform your life, as well as what may have been holding you back thus far.

This is a 6 month program, but may be adjusted to fit your schedule. However, 6 months is the best time line for this type of coaching relationship, as it allows you to create new habits, instead of just trying something new for a few weeks, and then reverting back to old behaviors.

Some logistics:

  • We meet for a free 1 hour consultation to discuss how I could help you achieve your health and wellness goals, to see if we would be a good fit for one another, and for you to decide if you would like to transform your life.

  • We meet for one hour, once every 2 weeks, for 6 months.

  • During our meetings, I provide coaching tools, support, encouragement, recipes, cooking/shopping tips, and health information to you, and you take what you have learned and apply it to your life.

  • 2 weeks later, we discuss the progress you made, what worked, what didn’t, and how I can help you continue to grow. This process repeats for the full 6 months.

  • At the end of the 6 month program, we celebrate your accomplishments and your transformation!


Q: What if I don’t want to commit to a six month program?

A: I understand that 6 months can be daunting. While this is the best option, both in terms of effectiveness and your finances, I am more than happy to work with your schedule. If you have questions or concerns, would like to partake in a shorter program, or would like to create your own schedule, please contact me so that we can discuss some options that will work for you!


Q: I know I need this, but I don’t feel totally ready. What should I do?


  • Come for a free consultation. Let’s talk about what might be holding you back. If you leave feeling like you’re still not ready, that’s perfectly okay. We can get together again when you are ready.

  • Group coaching. Maybe you’d prefer to do this with your friends! Or maybe with strangers who are going through the same thing. Possibly even with your family. All can be arranged. Let’s chat about it.

  • Maybe this really isn’t the right time for you. That’s okay. I’m here, and I am ready to help you when you feel like it will be the most effective. But, keep in mind, that you have the power to change your life! If not now, then when?


Q: I want to come for a consultation and for coaching, but I feel like I don’t really have a reason to… What is this? Should we still work together?

A: Put simply, yes! This is your intuition talking to you… It is saying that you know you will benefit from partnering with a health coach, even if you don’t know what the benefits will be yet! (How amazing is it that our body can tell us things that we didn’t even know we were thinking…?!) Trust your gut, schedule a free consultation. If you leave feeling like it’s not for you, that is totally okay! We just spent an hour making a new friend.

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact me!